Creative interchange for session 2 - the Gee paper

In preparation  for session 2 on October 24th, we were asked to work in pairs. Each pair had to read and discuss a paper (more on the Gee paper in my previous post) and then present a digital artefact with the outcome of our ‘blended’ ideas. First, Juliun and I worked in a shared Google Doc. Adding our thoughts and posing some questions, remarks to what we both had added in the doc. Then we created a Prezi, that we also discussed in the online Collaborate session. Thanks to Juliun this online presenting with Prezi worked out great. Actually, I found it a better way of presenting to the others, instead of sharing our screen through the Collaborate environment. We provided the link in the chat room, and people followed the Prezi while we were talking through the Collaborate.

The Prezi:

What I particularly liked about the way Juliun and I were working together was the authentic interaction and creative integrating of ideas. The process was a good example of how people can blend thoughts, how we inspired each other  to go further, to challenge each other. I felt openness between us, and we were able to express thoughts about the paper and I could add some links to my own experience.  As a result, creatively integrating ideas between the two of us uplifted the quality of the outcome.

#satisfaction would be the hashtag if I had to tweet about it …

Secondly, I not only learnt about the content of the paper, I learnt from the interaction with Juliun as well.  How he outlined the three purposes in the Gee paper made me value the importance of pinpointing the purpose while reading. Seeking the purpose behind the words. Thanks Juliun.