Asimov The Fun They Had. About curiosity ...

In session one we read a short story of Asimov, The Fun They Had. The story is about how education is shaped in the future..

You can read the entire story here:

Two thoughts I want to share here. First, the future of teaching as Asimov describes it is quite depressing. I really, really hope this does not become a reality. It would be aweful if the relationships between students and teachers would disappear.

Secondly, what did not change in the future of Asimov is that children still have their natural curiosity. Phew, kids are still naturally curious. Margie still wonders, wants to know more! Reassuring :-).

Does your classroom inspire and cultivate curiosity in children?

Check out this Youtube video about Curiosity (quite an uptempo speaker, that Hank, by the way).