Mid-way assumptions.

Our main assessment task in IC2 is a change project in our workplace. The project I chose was the professional development of a group of about 15 teachers on blended pedagogy using ICT.  The context of the project, goals and project plan in this googledoc.

A visual representation of the timeplan:

The ideas behind my approach are:

  • Providing inspiration to a big group of teachers, make people enthousiastic for blended pedagogy and ICT in education (curiosity);
  • from that large group, establish an engaged team of teachers (connectivity);
  • contact session 1 to form teams, gather ideas and expectations, and to get to know one another (trust, connectivity);
  • provide distance learning objects for people to professionally develop skills on variety tools that were selected in group;
  • contact session 2 for further development of skills and pedagogic design of assignments;
  • evaluating change in a closing session (tenacity).

We are now mid-way. The tools and assignments were provided on this blog, and we come together again on May 15th.

As diagnosis of change in this project I created a force-field analysis. A force-field analysis maps the factors that influence a situation. Helping forces and hindering forces of the change process.

My force-field analysis:

Reflecting mid-way on this process, it seems that the inhibiting forces of “time” are winning. There are little communicative signs that prove their learning with the distance learning assignments. We decided to use twitter as a tool for communication and questions but I’ve only spotted a couple of tweets with the appointed hashtag. It looks like the condition ‘connectivity’ is not easy to foster. The fact that everybody involved is really busy in their own workplace context and “time flies” are probably the most hindering factors. These are my assumptions for the moment, we will take this up on the 15th May and I will reflect on this later on, in my project report.