About me

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I am a teacher in secondary education and a practitioner lecturer in the adult teacher-training program in Ghent, Flandres, Belgium.

In secondary education I teach English, History and PAV. The last few years I’ve been teaching entirely in the adult teacher-training program, so I’ve ‘left’ the secondary education (temporarily, who knows what the future brings).

I am very passionate about ‘what makes good education’ and the position of ICT in that process.

A quote that personifies what I stand for:

Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique, it comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.” Parker Palmer.

I am also an independent trainer in ICT and innovation (processes). I keep track of my sessions in a site + blog.

http://bramvuur.be (Dutch)

http://blog.bramvuur.be (Dutch)

I am married and we are blessed with three healthy boys (15, 11 and 7 years). In my – ahum – free time, I spend time with my family and I like to read phantasy novels.