A lot has been written on change.

An important element in the current IC2 module is learning through reading. We received a good short-list with resources on change management and innovation. I took off in these posts with thoughts on my reading:

Amazing to realise what already has been written, published on “change management”! Quite impossible to get acquainted with everything in my limited time, I would say…

It looks like a lot of people are learning about change. It seems that everybody is concerned with wanting people to change. Why is that? Is it a kind of quest for the holy grail of control? If and when we understand how change works, then we can influence how humans change. And, ultimately, we have control over what happens; we have guarantees that innovations are effectively realised? According to me there is a paradox in the notion of “change management”: is it possible to “manage” “change”, or is this an unchangeable process?

Anyway, I go on reading and add my own contributions to the 1.3 mio google searches: I gathered my resources for reading in this googledoc. Handy research feature in googledocs by the way…

I am currently reading Can You Teach a Caterpillar to Fly by Jan Bommerez.  I was intrigued by the white-print thinking of de Caluwé and Vermaak. "In white-print thinking, the dominant image is that everything is changing autonomously. It is nourished by chaos thinking. Where there is energy, things change. White denotes openness."

I had the book of Jan Bommerez for some time on my book-shelf but this tweet triggered my reading it.

"Retaining always has to do with resistance"

Jan Bommerez on co-intelligence: